Marriyum clings to hope

Rabia and Shafique got married in the month of February in 2020. Soon after their marriage, they started expecting a child. Just like every parent, they were excited for their firstborn. In the meantime, Covid also took hold of the world and Shafique, a daily wager, could not find a regular source to earn. The stress kept adding to their lives and they reached a point where making their ends meet seemed impossible. The expectant mother who needed 3 or more healthy meals a day could only get one meal per day at the most. If you are reading this, we are sure that you can imagine the struggle that Rabia was going through during her pregnancy.

After a few months, a beautiful baby girl was born that Rabia and Shafique cherished with all their heart, but the hold of starvation kept getting stronger and stronger. Shafique, still without a regular job was unable to make the ends meet. During one of the heated arguments between the couple, little Marriyum got hit and her leg got fractured. PAHCHAAN, upon knowing about the incident not only took care of the child, but the whole family and provided financial, physical, and psychological healing, knowing that there is a story beyond what our eyes would ordinarily see. The parents, going through an extremely hard time are not to be blamed. Instead, it is our responsibility to support them, as much as we can, in these unpredictable times.

We at PAHCHAAN aim to help parents by not only providing counselling but health coverage and financial support as well. To help more such children, mothers, and their whole families, we look forward to kindness from you as well. Your zakat can become their PAHCHAAN.

My son fell from the 3rd floor

Shaheen’s only two sons were playing on the rooftop with the neighbors children. Just like all the children, Shaheen’s kids kept running around in mischief too and in one unfortunate moment, Abdul Wadood stumbled on gravel (pathar) and fell off the third floor of their house. Aghast, all the other children froze in shock and the people of their community rushed to save Abdul Wadood’s life. He was hurried to a nearby hospital and his parents were called with the unfortunate news.

Upon reaching, Shaheen saw her child unconscious but still groaning in pain. Talking to the doctor she was informed that his pelvis and left leg were fractured but miraculously, his life was not in danger. Our Unit assured Shaheen and her husband that they did not have to worry about any expenses and only their prayers were needed for Abdul Wadood’s betterment.

After a week of care and compassion at the hospital, Abdul Wadood was discharged and now gets bimonthly checkups with our support. They were also educated on the best ways to keep the children safe while the parents were out for work. Child Protection Unit feels proud to have consoled hundreds of families through distressful events as such. We understand that when a single family member is in pain, it is not just felt by that individual but the whole family. Your Zakat and donations are the pain relievers of thousands of such families.

I get 20,000 a month as a security guard.

During all this time of unease, Mehmooda and Allahditta could not figure a way to keep things stable. They realized that their children would never be able to go to school in their limited resources. When Mehmooda discussed her pain with a friend, her consoling answer changed Mehmooda’s life. That friend told her about ilm Power Learning Center, a place that could become a ray of hope in her times of despair.

Khizer came to us holding his mother’s hands about 8 months ago. Like everyone else, his parents believed that their son was highly capable and we believed in Khizer even more after he joined our institution. Just 9 years of age, he is not only the brightest student according to his teachers but also the best-behaved. He dreams to become a scholar someday and we know that nothing can stop him now.

“امی کو اچھا لگتا ہے، جب ہم سکول جاتے ہیں۔ ان کی خوشی میری خوشی ہے، میں اور محنت کروں گا تاکہ ایک دِن ان کا سر فخر سے بلند کر سکوں۔”

Mehmooda and Allahditta are just one out of the 429 parents that have been embraced at ilm Power Learning Center and assured that their children will be the table turners for their families. We believe that dreams belong to everyone regardless of any boundaries. Donate to PAHCHAAN and let no dream turn into a mere thought of past.

Kunzal to fulfil her father’s dreams

“My daughter was a bright student in a local school. It was very hard for me to manage her educational expenses but just like every other parent, I wanted her to be successful. When she was younger, she fell off our roof and hurt her head. Ever since, she started having difficulty in understanding and learning things. My relatives told me that she would not make it past 1st grade. At the same time, I was failing to manage her education and other expenses side by side. I and my wife were at a crossroad. Due to not having enough food at home, Kunzal was unable to focus on her education as well.

We struggled for a few months and then I heard about ilm Power Learning Center. I came to know that they were educating children for free. I knew this was God’s help and got Kunzal enrolled in this school. It took 4 years and a lot of commitment to see unbelievable changes in Kunzal. She grew from not even understanding the basics to being an exceptional student and getting mainstreamed in a local school. Unlike other children who cry going to school, Kunzal was actually excited every morning. She called her teachers her best friends. Her grades amazed us and even our relatives could not believe her reports.

When I asked these people at ilm Power Learning Center for the person who helped my girl, they said that it’s a lot of big-hearted people that care for us. I want to convey my gratitude to all of the people who support the education of children that belong to poor families. The Covid had restricted me but now that things are going back to normal, I can support my daughter’s education. All of you have my deepest gratitude and may God give you more.”

Jessica’s dreams are our promise

Being a family that lives hand-to-mouth, it is hard for parents like us to dream about their children getting educated but ilm Power Learning Center is a huge support to many families like us. I remember the time when a few years back I and my wife were unable to get our daughters enrolled in a school because we had to pay our house’s rent. It was heartbreaking but ilm Power learning school changed our lives.
When my eldest daughter Jessica told me that she wanted to become a doctor, I believed in her ambition, but I knew that I did not have enough resources for that. When we enrolled my daughter to ilm Power Learning Center, they not only believed in her abilities but also supported us in setting the basis of it in becoming a reality. I strongly believed that their investment in my daughter will be highly fruitful.
ilm Power Learning Center did not even demand any fee and also provided our daughter with one meal a day. They believed in my daughter’s talent like their own. I knew that my daughter had big dreams of becoming a doctor, but I never had the courage to tell her that it may not be possible even if I and her father worked day and night. ilm Power Learning Center has given us hope in the time of darkness and despair.
-Jonathan – Jessica’s father

Israr wants to be a soldier

Israr’s father Muhammad Shabbir works 16 hours every day to make his family’s ends meet. Eldest amongst his siblings, Israr is much wiser than children his age. At such a young age, Israr willingly decided to support his family by working in a toy factory. His mother, who herself takes remote jobs to help her house run, saw that her son’s dreams were at stake. That is when, upon listening through a field worker of PAHCHAAN who go door to door to look for out of school children, she contacted ilm Power Learning Center.

We were in an awe to see a child who was so passionate about helping his family and also achieving his dreams. Joining us in 2018, Israr is now in 5th grade and his 5 younger siblings are also enrolled in our school. Now, Israr comes to school in the morning till afternoon and later continues his job at the factory.

There is no doubt that education will uplift the life of Israr’s family. We also try to provide all children like Israr with one meal every day, may it be breakfast or lunch, but it all depends on the kind contribution of our donors. We have limited means but whenever provided with the resources, we never hold ourselves back. It is not only him, but hundreds of other children who lack the resources that can turn the fates of their families around. Your donations and Zakat can play the role of a miracle in their deprived lives.

A 15 year old toy maker, Israr, is now all set towards his ambition to become a soldier. His life has really taken a U-turn after joining PAHCHAAN's ilm Power learning center.

2 years old Zainab got paralyzed. (They need us)

Our sixteen years long journey has witnessed several ups and down but unfortunately, nothing has been as intense as Covid-19. The families that used to struggle to make two meals a day relying on their daily wages became jobless. The result of this downfall was disastrous for thousands of families living in underprivileged areas.

While Zainab was getting sick and weak day by day, the parents could not provide her the costly medical treatment. Situation got worse and she could not move her body, her father rushed to a government hospital. After examination and undergoing certain tests, her paralysis was revealed, and our unit was contacted. We were already prepared for the worst, as the time of Covid has made us see beyond our worst fears. Zainab ‘s case of paralysis was not the first one that reached us; the lack of resources had made many families suffer. Just like most of the cases mentioned in our newsletter, this family was also a victim of poverty leading to starvation.

PAHCHAAN realizes that if the root cause is taken care of, the whole family can live and prosper, as our support, reaches beyond the days of physical pain. It reaches their homes, their minds, and their hearts to heal the core of issues. Step up today! Let their PAHCHAAN not fade away so that the essence of humanity never dies. Every rupee coming from you matters in giving a mother, a child, and a whole family their own PAHCHAAN.

A 2-year-old not only had to suffer from starvation but also ended facing paralysis.

Sajida and her whole family, a story from despair to care

When 5 years old Sajida got her fingers cut in the toka machine, the unbearable pain made her scream in agony. The parents were devastated at the sight of Sajida’s clothes covered in blood and her fingers on the floor, completely detached from her hand. Her parents could not understand the situation at all as panic surrounded their minds. After a lot of efforts, somehow, they slowed the blood flow and brought Sajida to a local hospital in Lahore.

When PAHCHAAN came to know about this family in distress, we immediately travelled to the hospital and met with the family. Even after we explained to the family that we were there to help, they were still reluctant of showing Sajida’s hand to us. We understood their thought process completely knowing that in their mind that damaged hand had become Sajida’s identity for life.

After months of therapy and financial support, we steadily made Sajida’s parents understand that through power of knowledge, financial support and skills, her cut off fingers will not be the thing people will remember her by. She will have an opportunity to strive and achieve her own PAHCHAAN.

We promise our donors that with their support, Sajida and many children like her can have their childhoods back. Our unit may seem like it provides care and therapy only for children but in actuality, we reach out to mothers, families and the communities as a whole. Support PAHCHAAN today!

Sajida is only 5 years old and got her fingers cut off in a chaff cutter. Her parents were devastated to see Sajia’s little hand split into two pieces. In that moment, only PAHCHAAN could see beyond the present. How will this little girl live her life fully? How will she ever hold a pen to learn? How will she feel confident among all the children of her age? The work done today by Child Protection Unit will redefine all these possibilities.

An alone mother and her challenges…

Sakina’s youngest child Iqra, barely 6 months old had a weak heart since birth and also contracted pneumonia due to unfavorable living circumstances. Upon frequent visits to a nearby local hospital, we took notice of this family’s living condition. With two older children, Sakina supported her 3 children as a single mother, making a survival in a shed. PAHCHAAN held this family’s hand and provided them financial, emotional, and medical aid.

On one of our regular visits, when our team went to see Iqra at the hospital, she was not there. It was a moment of relief for us. We thought that Iqra must have gotten better and taken home. Sadly, when we talked to the relevant doctors, our happiness turned into sadness. We got to know that Iqra’s little heart could not take pneumonia’s attack. She passed away on a quiet night of 1st September in her mother’s arms. This news left us devastated and, in that moment, we could not even grasp the thought of Sakina’s pain. To date, this little family is being supported by PAHCHAAN but alas, no amount of effort can bring back Sakina’s precious child.

It is a heartbreaking reality that we receive such stories every day. That is why we tell people to support PAHCHAAN today, right at this moment. We support these families with our ration, healthcare, and healing programs. By supporting any of these programs, you can save a life and a family as a whole. Join hands with PAHCHAAN today!

Rehman’s Parents Believe In PAHCHAAN

In Pakistan, unlike many developed countries, there is not a lot of guidance and information regarding the protocols around electric wires and appliances. Incidents due to lack of awareness have caused a lot of families to suffer traumatic losses and unfortunate events. With the help of our donors, PAHCHAAN guides families towards safety, better livelihood and precautions that can save thousands of smiles.

We adhere to the fact, that no child should be left unattended but when children like 8 years old Rehman become a victim of unfortunate incidents such as getting burnt from an intense electric shock, then you and we have to stand by him and his family. Yaseen, Abdul Rehman’s father, spent several days on his bedside to take his care, while the family struggled day to day survival, as the father could not go to earn his daily wage. PAHCHAAN does not want to leave Yaseen alone in such hard circumstances nor let these scars become Rehman’s PAHCHAAN.

In this time of hardships when the father is unable to earn, your contribution helps us facilitate the family with ration and later provide children like Rehman with education, therapy, and counselling. Together, with your support, we never let the burns their only PAHCHAAN. Join hands with PAHCHAAN in this endeavor.

Aima shall be educated! A dream that your support can turn into a reality.

“My daughter is so inspired by her teachers that she has decided to become one when she grows up. Naheed said with tears in her eyes.

My husband has a kidney disease that limits his working abilities. Even if he somehow manages to work throughout the month, all that we have in the end is Rs. 15,000. Even though if I tried my best to save money, there was no way I could support Aima’s education and feed my two younger daughters simultaneously.

In the trying times of economic instability, I and my husband Bashir had a very tough time. The only place we had was educating our daughter Aima at ilm Power Learning Center because it was free of cost. When we reached out to ilm Power Learning Center, they believed in our daughter’s abilities like she was their own. We were not educated, and it makes me feel overjoyed when Aima grabs her books and teaches her sisters as if she is already an image of her favorite Urdu teacher.

Over a period of just 3 years, Aima has learnt from books and became influenced by her teachers. Now she is a guide to her younger siblings but also has become a shining star of our family. If it was not for ilm Power Learning Center, I could never even imagine Aima persue her dreams.

Hundreds of families are helped by PAHCHAAN every year through various projects such as ilm Power Learning Center. The education of these children will become the chain breakers of their family’s cycle of generational poverty. To help such several families we need your support. By having you by our side, we want no family to be left behind.

Ayesha’s Declining Health: A family’s struggle

3 years old Ayesha, a premature and weak little girl slipped in her bathroom and fractured her leg. The family that was already cautious about Ayesha’s weakness started panicking. Without any access to medical resources, her parents kept trying home remedies to get Ayesha out of pain. Unfortunately, nothing seemed to make her situation better. When the concerned parents reached us, the poor child was undernourished and bruised heavily. Child Protection Unit made sure to provide Ayesha and her family with all the facilities including physical and mental healing. We acknowledge that we cannot even imagine the pain she has already been through. But we firmly believe that being there for such families and supporting them in difficult situations can make this world a better place for them.

Regardless of their backgrounds and financial concerns, we focus on the health of mother, children, and deprived families as a whole. In these difficult times, if we do not consider these lives as precious as our own then these little flowers will decay in such harsh environments. Your support can help us provide ration, mental and physical care to several such families that suffer silently.


PAHCHAAN has seen many distressed families in its 16 years of service to humanity. In such times, they neither have a financial support nor an emotional source to be comforted by. People like you become the only light of hope for these families. Out of thousands of cases, Shehzad is a 12-year-old boy with burns from an intense electric shock. After several weeks of hospitalization, PAHCHAAN became his strong pillar.

PAHCHAAN does not just provide solace temporarily, we console the whole family, embracing the parents, guiding them and uplifting the patient’s confidence. In addition to the guidance and safety, PAHCHAAN also understands the struggles these families face and how hard it is for them to manage the expenses of medication, physiotherapy and even the meals. We cannot neglect the dire need of Shehzad’s aftercare of burns and physiotherapy to prevent contractures or God forbid permanent disability. Although, it is a hard time for Shehzad’s family, but we are standing by their side protecting and providing them.

Many stories like Shehzad’s are the reason why we want you to know that your charity plays a vital role in making someone independent for life rather than only helping them when things get out of hand. I am sure that God has made you the source for the healing of thousands of children and families.

Child Protection Unit

In the past year and a half, things have changed beyond everyone's expectations. People with jobs became jobless, hopes turned into despair and happy families content with their hand to mouth lives turned into unstable households. In such situations, the projection of agitation, hunger and frustration gets a hold of the family as a whole. Fortunately, Child Protection Unit, actively running for the welfare of families as a whole, has been tirelessly putting effort to provide mental and physical healing to the entire families.

To date, Child Protection Unit has proudly provided comfort and solace to 2008 families and the number is growing as you read. We acknowledge that regardless of the financial status, these families deserve care and protection in every aspect of their life. Every day, many distressed families reach out to us, and we embrace them with open arms. We are fully aware that these children will become the torch bearers of their families in the coming few years. By providing them with care and compassion today, we can break the chain of distress that has been affecting generations after generations.

To accomplish our mission, we need your help. Every rupee you donate to us is a brick that will define the basis of the life of a child and without a doubt, their family as well. Help us find their true PAHCHAAN.

Biggest NGO drive of Typhoid, Attock to Bahawalpur (for 10,000 children in Phase-I)

PAHCHAAN is proudly the first ever NGO in Pakistan to vaccinate children against Typhoid which is very dangerously expanding these days. Moreover, it is an expensive treatment because of extensive drug resistance amongst children and even adults. The typhoid vaccination provides protection against the disease for 3-4 years.

PAHCHAAN aims to vaccinate 10,000 children belonging to deprived communities, especially the children with special needs for which we require an estimate of Rs. 5 million in the first phase. It is not just 10,000 individuals but 10,000 families that can live a pain-free life. In this time of turmoil, a secure life is important! Your support of just Rs. 500 can secure a child’s life for 5 years. Contribute not for one but minimum 10 children securing at least 2 families.

Education Of 2 Daughters, Welfare Of Two Households.

Abdul Razaq, a rickshaw driver and Jonathan, a sweeper by profession stood firm to educate their children regardless of their financial circumstances. All of Razaq’s hopes were attached to Kunzal and Jonathan’s to Jessica’s future. They lived a life in which they could not afford even the basic education of their daughters especially once Covid struck globally. Their only hope for their girls to be independent was through ilm Power. When both of the families were at a crossroad and barely had enough to eat on their plates, our door to door community mobilizer reached out, looking for parents with passion to educate their children regardless of their financial circumstances.

With your help, we enable these children to become the chain breakers of illiteracy, poverty and suffering of their families. If the donations are kind enough, we also try to provide the children with one meal every day. You can bring so much betterment in the lives of these families. So support PAHCHAAN and become the light of home for many such families. To know how both of these families were liberated with the help of our Center, scan the QR code and read their full stories.

Giving a PAHCHAAN (from Attock to Bahawalpur)

Opening new horizons for mothers, children and the communities with your support.

PAHCHAAN along with unhindered support from its donors who kindly donated Rs. 1.5 million pledges to work on the initial commencement of 5 Child Protection Units initially in Punjab. The purpose of these units is to comfort the distressed families by linking them with educational institutions, providing them with vaccinations and medical facilities and enrolling the mothers in skill centers so that they can support their families with honor and pride.

We are grateful to UNICEF in collaboration with whom we are reaching out to 10 major districts in Punjab. With the support of additional Rs. 6 million, PAHCHAAN seeks to open 10 more units in the selected districts of Punjab for the holistic care and welfare of mothers, children and their families as a whole.

Before they give up hope, support PAHCHAAN today so that this nation progresses and heals together as one. Every Child Protection Committee is a ray of hope, a chance of success and an opportunity for a good life.