So surreal to think, it all started with a patient!

16 years ago, the idea of Pahchaan started with a patient when Dr. Naeem Zafar joined hands with one of his patients who empathized with him over the plight of children in Pakistan. The two concluded their tete-a-tete with a commitment to do their bit to help and protect children in whatever capacity they can. Pahchaan - an acronym for Protection and Help of Children against abuse and neglect had an even better notion to it i.e., to give identity, Pahchaan to the children of Pakistan. To give them a status far away from being mere stats and numbers. Dr Naeem’s ethos; “No child is safe till every child is safe” kept inspiring him to keep working and maneuvering his way into shaping a better, a safer childhood for children. Imagine what the future could hold if we all come together, work together for such children, and become a joint force of nature for them.

Pahchaan – an acronym for Protection and Help of Children against Abuse and Neglect; is a not-for-profit child rights and protection organization working to enhance and better the future of Pakistani children. For around two decades now, Pahchaan has worked tirelessly in the field of Child Rights & Advocacy across multiple focal spheres like Child Education, Protection of Children against Abuse & Neglect, Provision of necessary training and knowledge for Alternative Careers & Parents as well as in fighting against Stigma & Discrimination against disabled or differently abled children. At PAHCHAAN, we believe no nation can progress until its future generations are safe. Therefore, we alleviate children from all walks of life without any discrimination.

Our Vision

Pahchaan’s vision is to advance, upgrade and meliorate the life of each and every kid in the country with the provision of a progressive and healthy atmosphere, educational opportunities, care, and protection and above all, a safe world to live in.

Our Mission

Pahchaan aims to continuously and tirelessly work in the field of Child Rights & Protection to assist children subjected to abuse and neglect, forced to work, or discouraged from gaining education with abandonment of their fundamental rights. It is Pahchaan’s mission to alleviate children across a broader realm and proffer them a happier, safer, and healthier childhood.